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While companies weigh the options for return, many will see the value in a full or partial suburban relocation. From avoiding public transportation and packed elevators, to having access to additional space, a new suburban office will be an attractive solution for many. Suburban office parks, like Mill and Main, will be strong choices for a variety of companies depending on their specific needs.



  • Sprawling 50-acre suburban campus with green space offers lower density workplace environment compared to downtown buildings.

  • Skip the elevator lines required for social distancing – all spaces at Mill & Main are easily accessible by stairwell.

  • Majority of employees drive to work, therefore less people are using public transportation which minimizes exposure to high-touch surfaces that can transmit viruses.

  • Significantly less traffic congestion on daily commute compared to driving into Boston.

  • Thoughtfully designed HVAC with HEPA filters to clean and purify air circulated throughout.

  • Less noise and air pollution than in dense urban areas.


In the age of social distancing, businesses are reimagining office and work life after the coronavirus. The pandemic has forced companies to focus on how they can keep employees safe, healthy and productive. Mill & Main was recently awarded


for health, safety and hygiene excellence. With this certification, the campus is already ahead of the curve to inhibit the spread of COVID-19.

Bureau Veritas' SafeGuard™

Hygiene Excellence Certification


An advantage of the large campus is the incorporation of outdoor amenities that help to create a workplace that encourages healthy practices. Landscaped gardens and common areas allow safe places for tenants to spread out across the campus and enjoy the scenery of the old mill. Green pedestrian walkways are an additional element that encourage individuals to get outside to benefit from the fresh air and natural environment. The integration of outdoor spaces creates a natural air filter for the campus, limiting the opportunity for Covid-19 to spread.


Mill and Main has a number of additional features that encourage healthy practices for companies. With thoughtfully designed HVAC and HEPA filters to clean and purify air, the park is already ahead of the curve with technology that will inhibit the spread of Covid-19. The Mill also offers a 6,000 square foot, state-of-the-art gym for tenants that encourages healthy lifestyle choices while allowing employees to workout without being crammed into a normally compact office gym. Heart and Core Pilates, a tenant of the park, offers free classes to tenants adding to the list of wellness amenities.


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